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Lot O: 21 total spools


1x DOD - wired

     OPEN 2.5" x unknown yards

2x Black and white halloween - wired

     NEW 1.5" x 25 feet/each

4x black and orange small stripes

     NEW 3/8" x 3 yards/each

4x black with orange trick-or-treat

     NEW 3/8" x 3 yards/each

5x orange with black and white trick-or-treat

     NEW 3/8" x 3 yards/each

1x black with candy

     NEW 3/8" x 3 yards

1x black with glitter

     OPEN 5/8" x unknown yards

1x skulls

     NEW 5/8" x 3 yards

1x orange with black dots

     NEW 3/8" x 15 feet

1x orange and black stripe

     NEW 3/8" x 15 feet

Halloween Ribbon Bundle

Only 1 left in stock
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