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Cookies and kits may vary slightly from the photos shown above. Unless otherwise noted, each cookie is individually packaged in a heat sealed food safe bag. Our cookies are prepared in a kitchen that may contain known food allergens including, but not limited to wheat, gluten, dairy, dairy products, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts. Please contact us to discuss any allergy concerns or for a full ingredients list. Our cookies are homemade in a kitchen that has not been inspected by a government entity. Please see our kitchen details page for full details.

Graduation Cookies


Set of 14 individually wrapped sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

Set includes:

  • 2x customized name banners (4.25")
  • 2x customized gowns (3")
  • 2x customized caps (3")
  • 1x "Congrats" (4")
  • 2x customized "grad" with tassel (3")
  • 1x "2023" (3")
  • 4x customized diploms (2")
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